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Keller and Alcide were slightly stunned when Mo Yan said, "Let’s go, don’t worry about it. Just go. I’ll help you stop him if he attacks."

It was found that Mo Yan shot Keller and Alcide again worried about running directly, and Nawaki, a thousand hands, stopped shooting Keller and Alcide after seeing that Mo Yan could actually make magic, but increased the output of chakra against the other four.
Nawaki, who has Mo Yan’s magic, also knows that distractions to deal with those two people now will make Mo Yan have to deal with magical people when they have a break, and they can constantly feel that they have to do magic when they are not busy.
Otherwise, if somebody else gets away with a magic, he can’t do anything about it, and so it is. After Nawaki stepped up his efforts, Mo Yan didn’t have a chance to release his magic again unless his magic doesn’t need preparation like flying Raytheon or Shenwei.
Chapter five hundred and ninety
In the face of such a dense attack by Nawaki, Aoling and others do have room to fight back. It is timely for Aoling and others to be defeated. The problem is also very clear in Aoling and others’ hearts.
Want to break this situation can rely on four people to cooperate to see Liu Fengyi suddenly swept the sword and immediately blocked the immediate attack department, followed by a sword of light appearing beside Aoling, followed by the explosion of the body energy department, and suddenly the sword of light went up into the sky and blocked the attack of Nawaki.
Liu Fengyi quickly said, "Take this opportunity to attack back quickly. I won’t last long."
Aoling, Mo Yan and the dark night want to or don’t want to use Mo Yan’s magic to instantly escape from the original place and appear around Nawaki with thousands of hands. At the same time, the Ministry of Physical Strength broke out and attacked Nawaki with thousands of hands.
In the face of such a situation, Nawaki, a thousand hands, didn’t panic at all. Looking at Liu Fengyi, who was carrying him alone to attack, shook his head and said, "Naive incredibly single-handedly picked me up. Thousands of hands are simply dying."
Then Nawaki looked up and looked at him and attacked him for three times. Nawaki, a thousand hands with different energies, suddenly praised, "Yang force, Yin force and Yin and Yang force are really powerful attacks, but it’s a pity that you are facing me, and I am facing Konoha Mudun."
See thousand hands Nawaki unhurriedly printed "wooden dun is bag art" suddenly five wooden dragons came to attack and three forces flew past, three of them blocked Aoling’s three attacks respectively, while the other two flew past Mo Yan and the dark night respectively.
Force blow was so easily resolved by Nawaki with thousands of hands that Mo Yan and the dark night froze, but the remaining two wooden dragons didn’t freeze. They directly wound up and were wrapped around the wooden dragon. At that moment, they immediately woke up and wanted to escape, but the wooden dragon was so easy to escape.
See wooden dragon wrapped around Mo Yan and the dark night. At that moment, two people suddenly felt that their physical strength was passing by quickly. At the same time, a huge suction stuck them firmly in wooden dragon and it was impossible for them to escape.
Aoling was also stunned until Mo Yan and the dark night were trapped. When he was about to save them, Nawaki, a thousand hands, appeared in front of him and said, "Now you still have time to worry about others, worry about yourself first."
Nawaki with thousands of hands was startled when Aoling suddenly appeared in front of the wooden man’s head. Aoling looked at the wooden man’s palm and Aoling wanted to avoid it, but the wooden man wrapped around the wooden dragon and then challenged Aoling’s feet so that Aolinggen could not come and Naiaoling could spit out a white dragon breath.
But the dragon’s breath was picked up by the wooden dragon’s mouth before it got close to the wooden man, and then the wooden man’s arm was also pressed on Aoling’s forehead. Suddenly, Aoling was forced to find that his strength was passing quickly. At the same time, that drowsiness also pulled him deeply into a deep sleep, and he was deeply annoyed that he was weak.
When Aoling woke up again, Naruto had seen him by his side. When he woke up, Naruto laughed, "You woke up. Are you feeling all right?"
Aoling looked puzzled at Naruto and turned to look around. Seeing Mo Yan and the night nearby, Sasuke was looking after their hearts a little relieved.
Aoling asked, "Naruto, why are you here?"
Naruto smiled and laughed. "Sasuke and I followed you all the way. It’s a good thing you’re all right. Otherwise, I really don’t know what to do. What’s the matter with you? How can you fight with Nawaki?"
After so long, Aoling was completely awake, thinking of Nawaki with thousands of hands and creating a counterattack opportunity for them. Liu Fengyi suddenly shouted, "By the way, Naruto, have you seen Feng Yi? Just now, she created an opportunity for us and blocked a terrible opponent by herself."
Naruto smiled and laughed. "Ha ha, you can rest assured that Feng Yi is fine. It’s okay. Brother Nawaki wants to capture you alive. Otherwise, I really don’t know what to do. Feng Yi is there. Brother Nawaki is treating him."
Looking in the direction pointed out by Naruto, Aoling saw the horrible guy who was just fighting with them. His hand was shining with green light. I don’t know what he was doing to Liu Fengyi. Aoling suddenly jumped up and wanted to rush away.
Fortunately, Naruto’s load stopped him and said, "Aoling, calm down. That’s Brother Nawaki. He’s healing in Fengyi. Don’t bother me yet."
Aoling looked puzzled at Naruto at this time and realized that Brother Nawaki in Naruto turned out to be the terror of their former war. This time in Aoling, he slowly breathed a sigh of relief.
Naruto didn’t let Aoling go until he calmed down. "You really don’t know what to say about you. Brother Nawaki told me everything. Fortunately, Brother Nawaki had been a little grumpy. If you disturbed others’ breakthrough, there would be death and life. Fortunately, Brother Nawaki was more peaceful and he succeeded in the breakthrough, so it didn’t cause a big disaster."
Aoling several people are lucky. Although Nawaki didn’t mean to kill them, he would never heal them. If Naruto and Sasuke hadn’t arrived to dispel the misunderstanding, I’m afraid that at this time, besides being sealed by Aoling, the other three people have been seriously injured and killed.
I learned that Aoling was not an invader of Elven Sen, but a friend of Naruto, Nawaki with a thousand hands. This led to Mo Yan’s three-person treatment. At the same time, Mo Yan and the dark night also woke up one after another after Aoling’s seal was untied. Naruto explained everything to them. After the misunderstanding was solved, the three men went to Nawaki with a thousand hands and Liu Fengyi. The three men looked at Liu Fengyi nervously.
Liu Fengyi was so badly hurt that I’m afraid she really couldn’t save Liu Fengyi if Nawaki broke through the sacred land and thoroughly developed Yang Li. Even if she had to live Liu Fengyi, she would have been completely abolished.
Fortunately, at this time, Nawaki, a thousand hands, was able to save Liu Fengyi and keep her intact, which made everyone feel at ease.
Nawaki slowly withdrew his hands and began to treat Liu Fengyi.
Seeing Nawaki with thousands of hands, Aoling and others hurried around and asked, "Is this Feng Yi all right?"
Nawaki smiled and laughed. "Let her go. She’s fine. She can’t make strength any more during this period. She needs to rest for three months and recover naturally after three months."
After hearing Nawaki’s words, Aoling three people really felt at ease. Although they could not move their strength for three months to participate in the college competition, it was nothing compared with the future.
Naruto asked curiously, "Aoling, can you tell me what all this is about now? When Sasuke and I came, I found that I gave you a bitter drop on the periphery of Elfson and the whole Elfson seemed to be controlled by the dark elves. "
Aoling nodded, "But now the Elf Sen has been controlled by the Dark Elf, and you gave me pain and accidentally dropped it when I was on my way. I really didn’t have time to pick it up." Then Aoling told Naruto about the sudden invasion of the Elf Sen by the Dark Elf and everything that happened later.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-one
After hearing Aoling’s words, Nawaki wondered, "That’s not right. I’ve also heard some things about this dark elf from the elder and the elf queen. From them, although this dark elf was born in the same tree of life as the elves, its strength is not so terrible. Besides, from the tone of the elder, this dark elf should not be as good as the elves. After all, this dark elf is proficient in dark magic and the elves are all magicians. How can this dark elf beat the elves?"
More than one thousand hands Nawaki doubts Naruto and Sasuke also agree to be puzzled. The two have not just arrived in this world. Xiaobai doesn’t know anything about the elves and the dark elves, but he has heard that this dark elf has probably been destroyed by the elves if it hadn’t taken refuge in the tree of life. How could it be possible to attack the elves and win all this? It is really incredible.
Aoling wry smile way "this is not clear, in fact, before this, I have met the elves and the dark elves in a war, but at that time, the dark elves were not as strong as they are now. It can be said that they were beaten by the elves, but I don’t know what happened this time. It seems really strange that these dark elves became extremely strong."
Then Sasuke suddenly said, "By the way, Naruto, do you remember what strange ceremony was being held by the group of dark elves when we first entered Elven Sen? Do you think the strength of dark elves will suddenly increase with this ceremony?"
After Sasuke’s awakening, Naruto also remembered the group of dark elves who were holding some kind of ceremony when they first entered the elf territory.
Naruto withdrew his thoughts and said, "Don’t say Sasuke is probably right this time. It’s not necessarily that these dark elves are suspicious."
Nawaki said, "In this case, why don’t we go and see what the dark elves are doing? By the way, help the elves solve this problem. After I came to this world, I owe it to the elves to take care of them. Helping them solve the dark elves’ affairs this time is also a reward."
Nawaki with a thousand hands recalled that since he came to this world, he has been taken care of by the Elves in many ways, even though he lent him the fountain of life to help him enter the sacred land. Nawaki with a thousand hands didn’t know how to thank and report the kindness of the Elves to him.
The dark elves hit the gun, directly hitting a preparation, then they will thank someone. I have to say that the dark elves are very sad.
Now that we have decided to investigate the dark elves, things have to be arranged properly. Naruto looked at Aoling and just wanted to leave Aoling to take care of him. Liu Fengyi, Sun Kuang and Mo Yan didn’t wake up. But Mo Yan woke up before he opened his mouth. Naruto found that Mo Yan woke up and ran to ask him about his injury.
Mo Yan shook his head and said, "I’m all right. It’s just a little bit of my body. After all, my physical strength is almost exhausted. It will take a few days to recover. By the way, I heard what you said before. If you want to investigate the dark elves, go ahead. I’ll take care of them."