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Mei Wu probably guessed what he came from.

She pulled her lips coldly. "Can Chi Gong let go of my hand?"
Eyebrow Wu this pair of neither salty nor light makes him angry.
Arm dint will eyebrow Wu got up and brought into his arms.
A pair of black eyes of the angry man seized her little face. "Shen Mei Wu, did I spoil your guts more and more, and even dare to hang up on me?"
Yeah, that’s good. That’s exactly the same reason she guessed
Eyebrow Wu Xiu eyes slightly raised his eyes and flashed a faint sneer. "Let me stay in the hospital for a few more days before. It’s Chi Gong. Now you forbid me to stay in the hospital. You also say that we women are fickle. How can men change their faces faster than turning over?"
It is true that he said this only yesterday.
"I didn’t ask you a few more times last night. Are you so noisy with me? What a runaway! Didn’t you expect that there would be a world newspaper after Shen Meiwu gave me medicine? "
Eyebrow Wu was he said face a hot face a vertical.
Chimuhan’s anger ran around her waist, and it became more and more urgent to break her waist.
Section 62
Isn’t it just that his sweetheart is not daring to forbid him to give gifts to his sweetheart? Must be so angry?
Even the world newspaper, but this world newspaper is too serious
Eyebrow Wu more think more gas tightly bite a lip bite place lip color gradually lose ruddy.
He brushed her ear "eyebrow Wu tidy up and come home with me"
Mei Wu was hesitating, and he said softly, "Don’t come home with me for the night, do you want me to stay here with you for the night?"
A rustling sound brushed her face like a spring breeze, which made her sweat pores feel warm and touched.
Chimuhan is such a gentle man that women can’t resist it.
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Slowly, the kiss became soft, and the man’s face was branded deeper and deeper in her memory. Chi Muhan, who blew her hair in her dream last night, gradually echoed.
Being so close, Mei Wu couldn’t help but blurt out, "Did you blow my hair last night?"
Probably Chi Muhan didn’t expect that she would suddenly ask this pause for two or three seconds before she replied "hmm"
Eyebrow Wu couldn’t help heart racing, face as red as a tide.
In fact, her heart is white or involved in Xiao pity ChiMuHan can really spoil her to the sky.
Shen Yuchen has never been so spoiled. It feels wonderful to be held in the palm of your hand as a baby.
She can’t help but have a sour nose and her eyes are slightly red.
Chimuhan smiled at the sight of her lovely appearance. "Blow your hair and you will be moved like this?" It’s so funny that little girls are still alive. "
Eyebrow Wu sipped his lips and didn’t answer.
Suddenly, she had a strange idea. If only Chi Muhan was her first favorite, her love life might not be so tortuous.
"Chi Gong, if only we had known each other earlier."
Before I love Shen Yuchen, before you have pity on Xiao, they should know each other first, as if they are so devoted that they can love each other for a generation.
Chimuhan’s warm palm gently caressed the delicate cheek of a woman’s skin, like the young but pretty girl vividly in front of his eyes.
She looks a little round with a refreshing and simple ponytail, and she is lying in front of his window in a chair, dragging her cheeks with her hands and asking him, "Where are you from?" What’s your name? What will you get hit by a bullet? And why do you always keep a cold face and not talk? You are dumb, aren’t you? You can’t talk, so can you write? If you can’t write, I’ll teach you. I can write beautifully with a hard pen method. "
Every day, after lunch, she harassed him.
Most of the time, he will automatically block her chirping like a sparrow, and when she gets impatient, she will draw the window curtain.
She is still crying in a low voice outside, "What’s the matter, smelly stones live in my house and eat in my house and give me a bad look?" Are you so embarrassed? "
Once she moved the chair and went to his window. Before she could make him say a few words, she heard her "Oh, hey". There was no figure in front of the window, like falling off the chair.
He quickly jumped out of the window and really saw her sprawled in the grass.
It was early that day, and the grass was covered with a thick layer of snow white. She wore a thick colorful feather and lay in the snow like a colored ball, her face bulging with cold and slightly purple, and she frowned at him while shouting pain.
"Where did it hurt?"
He just crouched down and reached out to help her up.
She jumped up from the ground, clapped her hands and jumped up and down with joy. "I knew you weren’t dumb, haha … my brother’s idiot lost again this time."
She actually played him and took him and her brother to make him angry, so that he stretched his face and turned away. A chubby hand suddenly grabbed his skirt. "Hey … Stone, don’t be angry. My brother lost. Promise me to give me a new mobile phone and I’ll give you my old one."
Miss him, a second young master of Tangchi family, what good things will be rare for her old mobile phone later?
When I pulled her dirty and fat hand with a cold face, I found that her hand was scratched by a stone.