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What used to be a small conflict is getting worse and worse, and even if there is some bitterness, the brain will judge the rebellion and the blood will be lost. Because the first time it was ordered, it was a bit too much. At most, it was just a slap in the face, but this time it actually killed and set fire.

Zhao-yang Tan is a little strange now, because he is responsible for different things. This blood should not be so weak. He thinks about it until he receives this letter from ying chen.
Ying chen’s letter is concise. Goodbye.
Everything came to light in an instant. It was not that they went to find the trouble of the false blood, but that the false blood handed them a noose, and they put their heads into the noose without hesitation.
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Running water in the city may be a candlelight problem in the eyes of others, but it is completely known in the eyes of Jianji. This must be the intensification of this bloody dispute, and if water appears after this incident.
"If Shuigong hasn’t seen you for a long time"
"There you are!" Shake the light to see if the water is not surprised and bored, even if it has never been with him, there is such a guy in this incident.
If you don’t look at the water and shake it, you will come to Lianjia’s side. "In recent days, it’s really dry. I just don’t know if this fool is angry and burned outside or if the three-foot fire above his head lit the curtain."
"If Shuigong bought kerosene or a fan these days?"
"It didn’t happen at all. I went to buy some fire folds and made a good person to help you as a temporary friend. I was looking for a real enemy to clean up a body."
"then you didn’t bring out something that these bodies wanted to protect?"
Even if Jia Jian and Ruoshui say this to each other, it is regarded as thorough.
"I really brought out some news with you and me, although it is not heavy, but maybe this little eunuch who doesn’t know much about pecking might want it."
Shake the light is the eunuch. It is only after the registration of Ruyan Qimu that everyone knows that everyone feels like swallowing a fly when they hear this news. No one can name it and there is no special change.
Now, if the water is so aboveboard, eunuchs will call it shaking light, and everyone around them will choke, and I don’t know what to say, which will make the thief feel bad.
"If Shuigong Yaoguang has his own name"
"Well, if he hadn’t been with me, he wouldn’t have been a eunuch. If you don’t believe me, ask him yourself."
Yaoguang is calmer than the people around him. "I’d rather give up my parents’ body and be among the wolves than be among the dogs."
While wearing a mask, Mo Ling swept over with a whip and even looked at him with narrow eyes. "Hey, the owner of the haunted house in the suburbs of Beijing?"
"Sister-in-law was really scared by that experience. I have inquired in detail. This is not my rock snake deputy commander’s office. Two thirds of the black snakes are whips."
"That’s not what you said before. It’s not good to do one thing face to face and one thing behind."
"Sister-in-law, don’t be ridiculous. That’s what I said before. I said I wasn’t sure if the deputy commander would buy a deserted house with so much money, but now I think about how he might go there for a holiday sometimes because he is so busy."
"Did you just say that you got the information about Yaoguang?"
"Don’t worry. Give him something. What do you need to worry about?" If the water holds this information, it will be as unhurried as getting the handle.
Even JianJi nodded to see if water find fault with meaning "then exchange such as? We dug up the information at the bottom of Tanjia Village, and now I have shaken all these things. "
Shake the light and hum a, "We can find out what we don’t need them to find out. Even if they burn it clean, we can make the ashes speak."
If Shui ignores her again and even notices that Shui has to procrastinate, he turns to the so-called deputy and tilts his head. "If Shui Gong says it’s not you, but if I remember correctly, you can’t wait to introduce yourself to me."
"oh? It seems that some people don’t make a draft when they lie? "
Mo Ling around him took off the mask and was too lazy to hide it. "It was true that there was a place where I was sorry for the Empress. I thought that such a small person, Empress, couldn’t remember it, so I lied, but Empress! The eunuch around you was not a good thing in the past, and you don’t ask him whether he was a senior from the palace or because the silver evil in his heart has affected his skill ~ "
"What does he do to me? But since it’s a thing of the past and you want me to forget it so much, I’d better advise you to lead the adults not to delay. "
If the water looks at Lian Jian, "This little eunuch can talk to you but Mo Ling can’t talk to me. Sister-in-law is really clever. Then I said that the four countries in charge of Geng Guo’s inheritance of Guo Yuan Hao Guo and the Western Regions are not crazy. If you want to track them down, they will inevitably touch the whole crazy nerve, which is not as easy to solve as it is now."
"What if Shuigong suggested it?"
"You’d better go home as soon as possible. When Shisao has solved the false bone and I have solved the false blood, you’ll think about it again. If you are personally responsible for the four countries’ false brains and broken limbs, you may win the false."
LianJianJia looked at him. "If ShuiGong means that if we fight against the brain now, the two sides will stop fighting and be consistent with each other? Is it possible? They have already killed and set fire. "
"Nothing is impossible. Ask this country if there was such a case in the past?"
Lun Gao shook his head in the previous step. "Report back that the Saint’s adult and the villain have never had a similar situation, but the villain thinks that what they say makes sense."
"It makes sense, sometimes it’s not true, but it suddenly makes me decide that I’m going to throw sesame seeds here and go back to Beijing to see if the watermelons hidden in the imperial army are safe now."
I didn’t even hear the farewell, but I heard Ruoshui’s opinion. It seems that he doesn’t want to return to Beijing so soon. Are these people not this fool but Ruoshui people?
He doesn’t want to do anything, so he must do it, otherwise wouldn’t it be the same as Ruyan Qimu? Guard against conspiracy, but never reject this idea and idea.
"Empress has changed back here, so just leave things to us."
"Lungao, you cooperate to shake the light."
Even the cockroach left in the afternoon, and the road was surprisingly smooth. There was not even a tackle, but when I first arrived in the suburbs of Beijing, something went wrong. There were imperial troops stationed around the suburbs of Beijing, but now that you are marching into the southeast with the imperial army, the suburbs of Beijing should be deserted.
There are no villages, towns and lonely inn restaurants.
"This is the imperial camp, but the imperial army is not here. It should be one thing. What are the wagons and accumulated goods here?"
Even the frost feels a little strange. "Elder sister, go back to Beijing first and I’ll go and see."
LianJianJia shook his head "no matter how to look like a trap or wait back to Beijing to find guards stationed in Beijing to go and have a look together"
However, even Frost insisted on her own way, and apparently agreed to take the initiative to change the driver’s position with Shelley, so that together with the fright, it could prevent any danger. But just after arriving at the nearest village, Frost patted the fright on the shoulder and jumped off the bus.
Jing Zhi turned around and looked back at him. "The empress Frost just jumped out of the car and went back."
Lian Jia immediately pulled the carriage door. "Don’t you stop him?"
Jing Zhi shrugged his shoulders. "Empress, don’t underestimate him. If he can’t even walk out, what advantages do these imperial guards have besides being crowded?"
"But … maybe the number is the key to winning."
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Even it was in these three teams that the imperial guards returned, and it took nearly half a month to arrive. Just after returning to the palace, they didn’t call the imperial guards to meet even the frost, so they were stopped by the Queen Mother.
"The handmaiden pays her respects to the Empress Dowager and asks the handmaiden to ask the Empress what you are going to do just now without asking about the sixth house?"
Lian Jian looked at the queen mother who was stuck at the gate of this palace. "Let!"
"I’m sorry, Empress. You also know that the Empress Dowager ordered the handmaiden not to disobey."
Lian Jian frowned and took out this Ru Yan Qi Mu and gave it to her. She gave it to Jing Zhe. "You should immediately join the imperial army to support Lian Frost, so don’t worry about it here!"
"Oh, wait a minute. Empress Dowager is now in charge of Fengyin instead of Empress Dowager. It’s forbidden to enter or leave the palace!" The maid-in-waiting seemed to stretch out her hand to get in the way, but she didn’t even pay attention to her
"If it’s really a lie, you must arrange in advance for people to inform Haiguo."