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"Zhenweiwu Hall" is a martial arts hall with a very common name, but its owner is a "B" chivalrous man. The Jianghu people call it "Ghost Knife" and Chi Tandan lingers outside the martial arts hall to attract the attention of martial arts people. An NPC, who is in charge of recruiting students, ran out and warmly greeted Chitan Tandan. Chitan Tandan responded with a few words and then entered the martial arts school.

"The little xia, do you want to learn fist or weapon? Three taels of silver a month for fist fights and one tael of silver a month for learning English, "said NPC, a trainee.
"But Master Ghost Knife teaches?" Chitan Dan asked NPC to be cunning and didn’t say no or yes; Chi Tandan didn’t care about this either. He asked, "Are there any other masters teaching in the martial arts school besides Master Ghost Knife?" After several conversations, I found out that the commoner was also a knight-errant, and Xiu was "C"
Because he wanted to live in the martial arts school, Chitantan paid one or two extra meals. After completing the formalities, he obtained the certificate of "Zhenweiwu Hall" and then went to the dormitory to get to know the martial arts school student NPC;. About twenty minutes later, he saw that the commoner was indeed a natural beauty, but NPC was no matter how beautiful it was, it always lacked a sense of agility. After seeing it, Chi Tandan did not lose her manners like seeing a girl with a broken chest.
I learned a few common moves in the martial arts school. Because I don’t have a martial arts status, these moves are perfect for Chitan Dan. It is true that some players were born in the martial arts school, but if they learn martial arts, there will be martial arts students, otherwise they will be displayed without equipment.
While practicing boxing in an exemplary manner, Chi Tandan talked with the NPC brothers and slowly grasped that when the commoner was resting, she looked forward to the sun and it was still dark. When Chi Tandan was resting, he ran out of the martial arts school and bought a pack of "crisp bone powder" in the street "Chinese medicine shop". This Chinese medicine can make people feel tender and even unable to speak.
The number of Tianqi medicines is sold in some stores, and some of them need recipes to be made by themselves. These props are also good for players. Don’t eat food given by others casually or you will be caught if you are not careful. Give the crisp bone powder to the rooster, take it to know a private room, and then wait for the opportunity to arrive.
Everything went very smoothly. The rooster stayed outside the women’s house and jumped in when the women entered the room, then hid under the bed while the women were not paying attention. It is very common for roosters to run around, which is not good in modern times, but the game background is ancient times.
After my daughter left the house, the rooster put the crisp bones into the teapot, and then it was getting late. My daughter returned to her room after eating and taking a shower, praying that she finally poured a glass of water and drank it, and then stared at the boss and collapsed to the ground.
The rooster immediately ran out from the bottom of the bed and opened the door to let Chitan Dan in. Chitan Dan couldn’t help but feel the color in his heart and touched the female body all over. He also specially inserted his finger in the "fresh fungus" place and sighed, "This place in Nima is really realistic!" Being caressed/made a full face of shame, the commoners are grieving and staring at Chitan Dan.
The sheets wrapped up the commoner, and Chi Tandan carefully avoided the dark end of the martial arts school and left the "Zhenweiwu Hall" in a thrilling way. After several bends, I arrived at General Lin’s house and knocked on the side door. After about a few minutes, the side door showed a thin crack.
Chitan Dan directly exposed the face of the commoner without waiting for the concierge to speak. Immediately after the concierge leng leng, he quickly opened a side door and let Chitan Dan in. At the same time, he also explored a few heads outside as if afraid that someone was following Chitan Dan.
General Lin is about forty years old, and his skin is white and tender. He can’t see that he is a military commander at all, but he is indeed a famous military man. It’s no wonder that he didn’t dare to grab the ghost knife in the mighty hall, but it was a "B". General Lin is crazy about the women in Zhenweiwu Pavilion, and he also secretly pays someone to rob them, but they all fail.
It stands to reason that General Lin sent several people to rob the humble Zhen Weiwu Pavilion and should take precautions. The fact is that Zhen Weiwu Hall is really on guard, but they are staring at General Lin and the news channel of the martial arts school also notes that General Lin Chitan Dan is from outside, but he has not been in contact with General Lin. According to the news channel, General Lin has not sent anyone to rob the women’s school and let Chitan Dan seize the opportunity if he is lax.
In the backyard of the Lin House, sitting opposite General Chi Tandan Lin, General Lin pushed a plate of 5 taels of silver in front of Chi Tandan, which made Chi Tandan very disdainful. His disdain is manifested in his face, which makes General Lin very angry, but when he shows his anger, General Lin almost sat down to the ground with a word from the other young Xia.
"The general doesn’t seem to know that the ghost knife was a soul-chasing swordsman bodyguard before it was opened; What if the ghost knife asks the soul-chasing swordsman for help? "
Who is the soul-chasing swordsman? He is the most effective general of Shi Jingtang’s hand, and whether Shi Jingtang attaches great importance to this general or not, it is a small matter to kill General Lin with the status of the soul-chasing swordsman now. The most important thing is that the soul-chasing swordsman Le Lishan, the Lord of Le ‘an City, is doomed, and it may not be necessary for the soul-chasing swordsman to kill General Lin first.
"It’s impossible," Lin general panicked and roared.
"Are you willing to gamble?" Chitan Dan smiled and said after a pause, "You don’t want to kill people to do this. I naturally have helpers, not to mention sending my daughter away. Life and death are small and big; Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t do anything to her. It was a woman who was robbed late at night. Even if she returned home, it would be believed. "
"What on earth do you want to do?"
"Some people in the DPRK have some opinions on Leli Mountain, but it is not convenient to directly shoot them. They need evidence; If the general is willing to abandon the darkness and report infidelity in Leli Mountain to the DPRK, the soul-chasing swordsman will also be implicated, and the general is worried that things will not happen. "
Chitantan summoned up a glib tongue to talk about ideals, analyze interests and so on. He didn’t even know that he was so able to say that he was probably a gossip after mixing with Shen Mi for a long time. Although I don’t know the main points of completion, the focus is on the woman’s body. Tan Tan said that it was a success. General Lin agreed to secretly bring down Leli Mountain for someone in the DPRK.
Chitantan didn’t know who was unhappy with Le Lishan in the later Jin Dynasty and who peeped at the wealth of Le ‘an City, but General Lin knew that it was obvious that these Koreans had also wooed him. These things are not controlled by Chitan Dan, but what he needs to accomplish.
When he left, General Lin actually wrote a letter to Chitantan, which was given to General Zheng. After receiving the letter, Chitantan immediately bought ancient paintings overnight to visit General Zheng. With that letter, General Zheng agreed to report to Lelishan, and finally there was also a letter to General Li.
"The player Chi Tandan succeeded in saying that three generals in Le ‘an City rebelled against the Lord Leli Mountain and several important ministers in the late Jin Dynasty. After the battle of Shi Jingtangda, the Lord of the State of Jin, the war in Le ‘an City in the State of Jin was ignited".
"Copying this kind of thing can also CCA/V?" Just ran out of the city when she heard the announcement, Chitan Dan got a fright and cursed.
"Hey, hey, little friends, the journey of war traffickers has been started, and wherever you go, players will focus on your prevention; Of course, in the early days, it is estimated that players haven’t been surprised that you will be famous after you do a few more business.
Chapter 14 Angel ()
Ling Yuxin is the girl who makes Chitantan drool and has a broken chest. There is also a secret for her to enter Le ‘an City in disguise, that is, to secretly seize the east gate of Le ‘an City; Of course, it is impossible for her to finish this project alone, but she is a good soldier in the caravan of Le ‘an City.
Ling Yuxin was the younger brother of Ling Valves in the late Jin Dynasty, and the owner of Ling Valves was a minister who was highly valued by Shi Jingtang, who was one of the people who secretly peeped at the wealth of Le ‘an City. Lingfa has been prepared for a long time, and even if Chittagong doesn’t take over Lingfa, it will launch a war against Le ‘an City in the near future.
It is natural for Shen Mi people to say that the war in Le ‘an City will start, but it is not nonsense to say that the important officials in the later Jin Dynasty and the DPRK have been planning this matter, and it is just the right time to take it. This should also prove that Shen Mi said that the war is fleeting and needs a great grasp of the current situation to receive it.
"Chitan Dan? Could it be that this person is also a family member? " LingYuXin wondered at the inn after hearing the announcement.
Le ‘an City shouted and killed far away, which made Chitan stunned. He didn’t expect that he would really appear just after finishing the war. Or did the Shen Mi people analyze it for him, and then the NPCs in Chitan Dan Bai were already prepared. Even if he didn’t finish the war, it would have happened at this time, and he just happened to meet it!
A fast horse dragging another fast horse appeared in Chitan Dan’s sight. The horse turned over and knelt down and said, "My master thanked Shaoxia for his great help. The horse is the promised reward. Please accept it." It was said that the man jumped up and quickly disappeared into the night.
"Two good war horses are worth a lot, plus four boxes. The war benefits are very strong, right?" Shen Mi’s smug voice rang around, and Chitan Dan regarded him as running to pick up the horse and ran away. His resentment that he could not ride a horse at this time was even deeper.
After running out for a distance, I couldn’t hear the shouting and killing, and Chitan Dan stopped to be a thief. He glanced around and then took two horses to leave the official road and turn into the fork mountain road. There is a saying in the game that "one city, one force is not a city official road", that is to say, there is no official road leading to local bases, all of which belong to small towns and villages, and so on
Chitantan doesn’t know who is behind the "Le ‘an City Incident", but he admires this behind-the-scenes black hand like a raging river. How much wealth there is in a Le ‘an city is unclear. He knows that the black hand brother’s two boxes are full of gold, which is particularly dazzling in the dark.
The sky is in chaos. There are places where money can be exchanged and places where it cannot be exchanged. Every force has its own bank. Two boxes of gold are converted into about 3.5 million silver, and the other two boxes are also given a set of equipment and weapons.
Although it’s "C" equipment, it’s a suit! The weapon is very interesting. It is actually a "shoulder pole" and part of the suit. The suit includes headscarf, armor, coat, wristband, shorts, trousers, shoes, necklace and ring. The name of the shoulder pole is "weeding shoulder pole" and the name of the suit is "weeding suit"
Ordinary equipment has one attribute, and equipment will be attached with one attribute, and so on. Ordinary classes also have suits with one additional attribute. Ding suits will have two additional attributes. By analogy, high-level suits will bring their own active moves and passive moves, depending on how high the order is.
The requirements of the weeding suit at noon are "Agricultural T-shaped repair" weeding pole attack +6. The total number of attributes of the suit +7 HP, +35 HP, Defence +1 and +15 Speed.
Additional attribute of the suit spring returns (active move) When the health of the messenger of the suit is lower than 3%, this skill will automatically produce the blood enriching effect, which will instantly restore the player’s blood volume to full cooling time for 1 hour; Falcon foraging (passive move) will automatically eliminate the trail when the messenger in suit enters the forest.
Character Chi Tandan
The 5-year peak of the T-shaped ship, its experience 5 and chivalry 15 (i.e. Fanxia Point).
HP 13, Strength 655, Attack 6, Defence 8, Speed 14
15 times of strengthening the crop handle (ordinary), 15 times of strengthening the gale-bearing method (D level), smelling the chicken dance (A level) (French strengthening), 1 time of strengthening the plum blossom dart method (C level), and Castle Peak Fog and Rain Sword method (the martial arts of A Lian Zhao cannot be strengthened).
Five times (level D) of body strengthening by the method of dust and violence, five times (level C) of body strengthening by the method of green vine, and five times (ordinary) of light skill sprinting.
Weapons weeding pole (C), equipment lunch suit
According to Shen Mi people, strengthening martial arts is actually an early thing that belongs to a very low end, which makes Chitan Dan very puzzled; If you don’t strengthen martial arts, where do the attributes such as attack come from? Even recruit martial arts, dismantle martial arts, create martial arts, and return to strength, but there is no attribute to cooperate with these martial arts. What’s the point? Just like a car, no matter how tough it is, can’t it show off without oil?