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Even the strongest team will have some minor problems. Even the weakest team will score goals in the football field. The match between Wolfsburg and Real Madrid once again proved the truth that football is round. Gao Shunyao’s long-range shot made Wolfsburg pull back a goal and made Real Madrid encounter some setbacks in this game.

The attack of Wolfsburg filled the public stadium with cheers. Although the score was still behind, the fans were satisfied with a goal. Many times, the fans expected to see that it was not necessarily victory, but that their team did not lose its temperament and tenacious fighting spirit. This goal fully proved this point and naturally made the fans of Wolfsburg ecstatic.
After seeing the goal, he rushed to the front of the audience to celebrate Gao Shunyao. The fans also stood up and applauded. Some depressed stands were once again lit. Even if Gao Shunyao didn’t perform well at first in today’s game, he would definitely be a team hero if he could score.
"Gao Shunyao’s goal told people that he was not completely lost in this game. Even though Real Madrid was full of stars, he still couldn’t resist the brilliant light of Wolfsburg players. Wolfsburg finally scored in the past seven minutes. They are still the ones who beat Bayern Wolfsburg in the league. They are still very strong."
Simon, the commentator, almost said all the hearts of the fans. Rather than winning, the fans would like to see the team’s unyielding will and the high prestige and brilliance in the face of strong enemies, which made them see all this and let them explode completely.
The joy of the Wolfsburg fans made their home atmosphere hot, and there were still minutes left in the game, and their morale was rising wildly. Seeing all this, Mourinho frowned, which was not that he wanted to be scored at this time, but it was a great mistake of his team.
Strictly speaking, this goal actually has a lot of luck in taking a long shot outside the restricted area, which can actually be regarded as the lowest goal efficiency shooting method, but even so, Mourinho is still very dissatisfied with this goal, because this goal is almost reflected in the real Madrid problem
Real Madrid’s counterattack is sharp, but it is also likely to be targeted. Mourinho is not surprised by this. His only consideration now is that the ball problem should be remedied.
Ozil doesn’t like confrontation, which is an old problem. He is a little too weak in the face of Ma Diqi’s decisive tackle. Khedira likes attacking forward too much, but his biggest problem is that he refuses to stay firmly in the backcourt. When he meets the opponent who is good at the ball like Shaheen, there will be a disastrous area behind him. Alonso’s problem is a matter of age, which is already a heart disease for Real Madrid. Shaheen and modric have all taken over. But until now, Real Madrid still can’t live without him, and he has to watch his defensive area shrink and Gao Shunyao make a breakthrough. And the goalkeeper … Mourinho thought about this problem for a while and then stopped thinking about it.
Even if casillas is present, he can’t prevent his opponent from exerting himself supernormally. There is nothing wrong with Lopez. This is not the key point.
It’s absolutely intolerable for those who still consider other weaknesses to be so seriously exploited by others.
On the sidelines, Mourinho has lost his ease and smile when the situation in Real Madrid was good just now. He frowned with some dissatisfaction and seriousness. Although Real Madrid is still away from home and the lead is still sufficient, Mourinho is not his own. Those who like to underestimate their brothers and sisters should immediately strangle their opponents in the cradle if they have trouble. This is his habit.
Is this a real Madrid didn’t do this-what’s the problem? This makes Mourinho keep thinking that all his players seem to make some mistakes more or less, so that is to say, the problem is not in them, but in the opponent’s body. The opponent grasps the problem of his players too accurately, so who is the core in the opponent’s attack? Who should we pay more attention to? Mourinho is also thinking hard about this issue.
His frown also fell into the eyes of the commentator, which also made Simon feel in the mood to make fun of it.
"Real Madrid has very few weaknesses, especially for the strength of Wolfsburg, but once such a weak team focuses on Real Madrid’s weaknesses, it seems that even Mourinho will feel trouble."
World-class coach Jose Mourinho has never been a popular coach in the media. Many times, people would rather see him beaten in the game than show off on the spot.
If Wolfsburg can drive him into a panic, maybe many people will feel very happy.
It’s a pity that it’s Simon’s fantasy. Although Mourinho has never been a likable coach, he is definitely a coach with excellent coaching ability, especially on-the-spot command. Real Madrid suffered a loss in the game scene, but he knows what to do after it.
Who is the other side leading the attack? Mourinho didn’t lose sight of it for the first time, but he wouldn’t lose sight of it. After that, he quickly shifted his focus to the game-there were still minutes before the game, and he needed to adjust to deal with new troubles.
And it doesn’t matter who can’t figure out the opponent’s trouble-if they can’t find the opponent’s trouble, they just make trouble.
Gao Shunyao’s goal saved some morale, but Mourinho didn’t take it to heart. After discovering that the players were not serious enough, he also decided to make adjustments at the end to make up for this problem.
Mourinho’s substitution has always been good, and this time it’s the same. After losing the ball, his horse made a substitution request. Khedira was replaced by him and modric was replaced by him.
This substitution looks like a simple counterpoint substitution, but if you look closely, you will know that he is very clever. First of all, Khedira was the biggest person responsible for losing the ball just now, but he was not the only one responsible for losing the ball, not because of Real Madrid’s poor ability, but because of the bad attitude of Real Madrid players. Now Mourinho immediately changed him after losing the ball, which is tantamount to warning other players to have a bad attitude in the next game. This is the only game.
Compared with encouraging and scolding, the correct and effective punishment mechanism is obviously a better way to make the team awe.
However, if we regard his substitution as a punishment measure, it is not too small to underestimate his level. Another important consideration for Mourinho to choose substitution at this time is the tactical aspect. He also wants to launch a face-to-face attack. Although Khedira has a striker’s heart, his mentality in midfield cannot bring too many offensive advantages. On the contrary, modric can be bigger if he is exchanged for play.
With him in the scene, Real Madrid can attack, and people will see how wise this move is
"Now I really admire Mourinho. He dares to choose to continue attacking at this time instead of holding on to his courage. It’s really amazing that Wolfsburg is really suppressed by him."
Watching the game, Simon made the same comment.
Generally speaking, our team has just lost a goal, but it still has the lead. Once we hold this last advantage, it should be the best way. Anything can happen in minutes, and the morale of the other team is high. If we lose another goal, it will be too depressing.
However, it is only a weak idea to hold on to the existing achievements. Although Mourinho has always been known for his conservatism, he is not lacking in madness. At the end of the game, he just did the opposite and suddenly stepped up his offensive.
This practice made the Wolfsburg players almost blind the stadium, and Real Madrid’s attack became stronger. The two midfielders kept hitting the ball and kept attacking, which also made Real Madrid’s attack power explode. After the goal, they would attack by themselves, but they didn’t expect that the attack would still be Real Madrid.
This is amazing, but he is very correct. Compared with others, Mourinho has seen the morale of Wolfsburg rise. Although he scored, he is still a weak player. Even if their morale has risen, it will not hold up if Real Madrid becomes tough.
The division of strength and weakness is very accurate. It is not important who is the core player of the other side. The important thing is that other players can’t compete with Real Madrid.
He really didn’t think wrong. With the attack of Real Madrid, Gao Shunyao tried his best to score goals, the morale of the horse disappeared. In the last minute, Real Madrid carried out a crazy attack around the gate of Wolfsburg and completely overwhelmed Wolfsburg from the momentum.
"Real Madrid is still Real Madrid after all."
Watching Real Madrid crazy, Simon can also sigh that it is really terrible for a group of stars to coach in a top coach. After all, Gao Shunyao scored a goal to change the gap between Wolfsburg and Real Madrid. Real Madrid is still much stronger than Wolfsburg, which is absolutely controversial.
It is obviously not enough to work hard with Real Madrid against Gao Shunyao. It is obviously too young for a dark horse team to be a giant.
Section 362 Dilemma
Real Madrid’s game against Wolfsburg ended in defeat, and Mourinho’s final adjustment was very effective, which also made Wolfsburg hopeless.
On the bright side, although the adjustment of Real Madrid was effective, there was no more breakthrough in the score. After all, Real Madrid was not very good at attacking. Although they were holding down Wolfsburg in the end, it was obviously not what they were good at.
Mourinho’s team is not without problems. Their siege didn’t work, but strategically, he was still the winner. He adjusted his onslaught at the last minute, which made Wolfsburg counterattack and made Real Madrid finally score 1.
One victory, two away goals, even if it is not ideal, it is enough to satisfy Real Madrid by directly deciding the game.
But for Wolfsburg, this game can be said to have suffered too much.
Lost 1 home to Real Madrid Wolfsburg. This season’s impressive home performance was finally crushed by Real Madrid when facing a strong enough opponent. Their solid defense and their sharp counterattack gave Wolfsburg a lesson and made them taste failure.
The German media’s defeat in Wolfsburg is naturally full of sorrow, but surprisingly, the media in other countries are also full of words. Many neutral media are also quite bored with the strength of Wolfsburg. Although this is arguably none of their business, in fact, they are all looking forward to the victory of Wolfsburg in their hearts.
Recently, Wolfsburg’s performance can be said to be excellent. They have won easily against most teams in the league. Up to now, they are still leading the league, which also makes the media place high hopes on them.
In recent years, the Champions League has always been that several teams are dancing in the semi-finals, which has bored many media. They want to see the dark horse, and Wolfsburg is what they expect.