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Brother er Niu?

He wants to laugh …
That his imaginary rival in love is neither Xiao Linchu nor Xiao Jinyu, but he is an unknown brother?
Xiao Liancheng smiled and drooped his head. His hand held her hand tightly. Her hand trembled in his hand, wet with bright red blood. His slender palm was wet with deep red blood dripping down his fingers.
"Tick tock …"
Ruan Li looked at him in horror. He looked like Er Niu’s brother, but he didn’t look like this person. Who is it?
Her mind is a little confused, her body is thin, and her body is shaking like leaves in the wind.
Xiao Liancheng’s face turned white as paper and looked at her tightly. The other hand clamped her shoulder like an iron pliers. Xiao Liancheng stared at her eyes and stared at her reflection in her eyes. He asked slowly, "Ruan Li, I ask you again who I am?"
Ruan Li didn’t dare to confirm this time. She said in a very low voice, "Brother Erniu!"
Xiao Liancheng pushed away Ruan Li’s sneer and went back to your brother Erniu’s life in exchange for her brother Erniu’s sentence.
Abdominal blood is still dripping. Ruan Li is scared and just sitting there, half frightened and half confused. Looking at Xiao Liancheng.
Xiao Liancheng finally stared at Ruan Li with a little residual consciousness. "I’ll ask you who I am for the last time?"
Ruan Li dared not speak this time. She looked at his bleeding abdomen and kept moving her body.
Suddenly, she suddenly pulled out his abdomen dagger Xiao Liancheng and felt an overwhelming pain. He took a deep breath and didn’t say what darkness swept his consciousness.
He fell to the ground with a thud.
Ruan Li ran out with her long hair hanging freely, barefoot and thin clothes.
When the guard outside saw her hand full of blood and dagger in her hand, she was frightened to disgrace.
There are two guards who want to stop Ruan Li. Two guards immediately rushed into the room to have a look at the unconscious Xiao Liancheng. Suddenly, the conduits were not good.
Ruan Li took a dagger and frightened her big eyes as if she had strayed into the paddock.
She kept running with a dagger, frightened, and seemed to give him a knife if anyone came near her.
Next to the guard, she was helpless. She was afraid that she would be hurt. She was afraid that she would be hurt before she could stop her. For a while, Ruanli was forced to look around by the fence in the garden.
Lanlin soon heard the news. As soon as I saw Ruan Li’s eyes sampling, I knew it was even worse. It is estimated that Ruan Li doesn’t even know what he is doing now.
He lowered his voice and tried to look gentle. "Miss Ruan, put the knife away!"
Ruan glass looked up at Lanlin and shook her head. Her slim body was still shaking. She held the dagger tightly as if it were the only thing she could rely on at the moment.
Lan Lin couldn’t get close to Ruan Li step by step. He had to take off the dagger in her hand before Bai Jin rushed to the palace, or Bai Jin would not tear Ruan Li apart if he saw it.
But when LanLin came to the distance from her, RuanLi suddenly screamed, and she went crazy and stabbed LanLin with a bloody dagger, flashing with dense cold mountain.
Lanlin hurried back. This is Bai Ruan’s glass. It’s not a joke. She is really crazy.
Back to Ann distance Ruan glass this just calm some big eyes fear than staring at LanLin dagger also ZhanZhan pointed to him as if she were his enemy.
Lan Lin twisted his eyebrows and looked back at the guards. "What’s the matter?"
How can you be crazy if you are good?
If something happened, he knew that Ruan Li was the one who suffered the most, but he just stayed there yesterday without eating or drinking. How did he suddenly go crazy?
The guard bowed his head and said truthfully.
Lan Lin frowned. "So Xiao Liancheng was really hurt by Miss Ruan?"
The guards bowed their heads and didn’t talk, but LanLin felt that Ruan Li had really stirred up the hive this time.
He hesitated and looked back at Ruan Li and said, "Miss Ruan, I’m sorry!"
Before Ruan Li didn’t respond, he shot like the wind. When Ruan Li stabbed his arm with a dagger, it was already too late. Lan Lin cut it in the back of Ruan Li’s head, and Ruan Li staggered and collapsed in Lan Lin’s arms.
Lanlin stretched out his hand and took off the dagger in her hand and picked her up in the tasikmalaya.
Bai Jin’s spirit is very bad these days. My personal servant Mammy is planning to go back to the palace.
Of course, this return to the palace refers to returning to the Red Moon Palace.
When Xiao Liancheng had an accident, Bai Jin was sitting on a stool and coughing.
She poured herself a cup of tea and packed her clothes. Mammy hurried forward. "Empress, take a break and tell the handmaiden to do whatever you want to do as soon as you have a cup of tea!"
Bai Jin shook his head. "I am old and angry with my own son. It’s not that seven old can’t move his hands and feet!"
Mammy smiled awkwardly and flattered, "That’s the empress. She looks just over thirty years old!"
Bai Jin sighed and sat there feeling sorry for himself. "What’s so beautiful about being young? I can’t keep the old emperor’s heart. His son Xiao Jinyang just married me. I worked hard to get Xiao Chu and Chengcheng, but in the end, even Xiao Chu and Chengcheng didn’t believe me! "
Mammy felt bitter for Bai Jin and helped Bai Jin change a pot of hot tea ceremony. "Empress, you are the queen mother and the present emperor, that is your own son. It is enough to have this. Don’t worry too much!"
Bai Jin smiled and there was a deep crow’s feet on the corner of her eyes. She turned to look at the bronze mirror and found that the woman’s skin in the mirror was dry and yellow, with wrinkles all over her forehead and temples, and silver silk was faintly exposed.
She got up and hobbled towards the mirror and pulled out the white hair in front of it.
It turns out that she is really old, and there is nothing she can do if she is not old.
Bai Jin closed his eyes, his fingers loosened and his hair became beautiful.
Mammy looked sad, but there was no way to persuade her that there was a maid-in-waiting outside. "Is the empress bad?" Grandpa Four met an assassin and was unconscious in Lan Xue Palace! "
Bai Jin opened his eyes and tears spread sadly.
She trembled and said, "The sedan chair is fast …"
Bai Jin knew from the moment he saw Xiao Liancheng that the wound was definitely not caused by an assassin.
She herself knows that the city is not as alert as Xiao Chu, but she will never allow strangers to approach, and this wound shows that he is close to people and hurts people who want to die …
Guess who this person is without asking her.
Who but Ruan Li can hurt her city like this?
What happened to her son? One by one, I was fascinated by Ruan Li and Fengyun, and I lost my life?
Bai Jin fell on Xiao Liancheng, dumb and crying, and tears wet the emerald brocade quilt that covered Xiao Liancheng.
Crying enough, she turned and looked at the maple, the more maple, the more apologetic she was, and the way she handled it.
Bai Jin SOB: "Emperor Lan Xueguo, I ask you how my city was hurt …"
LanFeng more prevaricated beside LanLin in the previous step, he held his fist in both hands. "Report to the Queen Mother that the assassin injured Grandpa Four, and then he was drunk driving, so please ask the Queen Mother to punish him!"
Bai Jin looked mournfully at Lan Lin’s hand slapping his chest and crying, "I’m old, but I’m not confused. Lan Lin, if you don’t hand over that sycophant, I’ll die here today!"
Lan Lin twisted her eyebrows and didn’t talk. Lan Feng stepped forward and advised, "Big sister, calm down. The small town is unconscious and not dead. Isn’t this difficult for all of us?"