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Master Chen came to hear the shopkeeper Liu’s retention and hesitated to stop thinking about whether to give the shopkeeper Liu another face. When he heard Lin Yue’s words, he turned completely black and left without looking back.

"I said Lin Niang, this is a must for you. Master Chen’s business is really good, and some pride is normal. Just don’t share his common sense with him. Now Master Chen is so angry and gone. Where can I go to ask a craftsman for you?" Liu shopkeeper was also very busy at this time of the new year, but the owner had already told him that he had to help Lin Yue get things done.
Lin Yue was somewhat surprised that "Master Chen, a good craftsman, can’t have one in such a big place as Xin ‘an City."
The shopkeeper Liu sighed, "You don’t know the rules in Lin Niang’s interlacing like a mountain. It’s true that Master Chen is not the only good craftsman who comes to Xin ‘an City. You are so offended by Master Chen today. Master Chen is not a magnanimous person and will definitely communicate with other craftsmen, even if no one wants to take your job."
Lin Yue frowned. She really didn’t expect this to bother the shopkeeper Liu again. "There should be such a thing that it shouldn’t be so serious. Master Chen can’t listen to him even if there is hope in their line of work. There are always people who are willing to ask me if it’s not too high or too big."
"Although it’s not so serious, most people don’t want to pick it up, or they will definitely be squeezed out by Master Chen. Even if they have the money to pick it up, it’s too bad. I saw Lin Niang’s drawings, and ordinary craftsmen may not be able to build it." Liu shopkeeper also regretted that he actually knew that Master Chen was a little arrogant, but he decided to invite him only to please Master Chen. I’d better think about it as much as possible, so there would be no problem.
Lin Yue is a little depressed. "That can trouble the shopkeeper Liu to help me inquire again. It’s really not good. If I pay more, someone will always be willing."
"Well, that’s ok. I’ll try to find it for you again." The shopkeeper Liu said, suddenly thinking of a person. "Lin Niang, I suddenly thought of a person who is actually the best craftsman in Xin ‘an City. It’s not that Master Chen is an old man in the south of the city who is said to be a descendant of Lu Ban. He is very good at design and construction, but he is getting older and more eccentric. Even if a dignitary comes to ask him to be unhappy, please don’t move. If only he could convince him to help you build a house. Chapter 368.
"That’s it. Can I come if I go?" Lin Yue’s attitude towards Master Chen is already like this. This old Lu is eccentric and maybe even worse than Master Chen.
"I don’t know about this, but it is said that Lu Lao is interested in some complicated and exquisite designs and constructions. I think your drawings are quite complicated. Maybe Lu Lao can be interested." Lin Yue’s drawings are very vivid and marked in detail. Even a layman like Liu can see that it must be good for Master Chen to build this house. I heard that he was too lazy to look at the drawings when he went to the countryside to build a house for a farmer. Otherwise, he might not refuse it so easily. After all, it is good for his name to build a well-built house.
"Where does Lao Lu live, Boss Liu? Can you take me there?" Although Lin Yue felt that it was not optimistic to invite Lu Lao, it was not her style to give up without trying, so she decided to invite Lu Lao.
Lin Yue, if there is anything you want, where is the shopkeeper Liu? "I know, but I don’t know if Lu Lao is at home. I’ll take you to try my luck first."
Shopkeeper Liu took Lin Yue to a small house at the seventh turn of the carriage and stopped to knock on the door. "Somebody open the door?"
A child opened the door from the inside, put his hands behind his back, and sounded a little impatient. "What are people doing here?" My grandfather said that he was too busy to take care of you other people to build a house and find someone else. "
Lu Lao’s reputation is one of the best in Xin ‘an City and Zhou Dynasty. Many children are also pestered by people, and the attitude of the door seekers they meet is not very friendly.
Lin Yue’s words are so arrogant. She just wants to hire a good craftsman to build a house. It’s so difficult to see each other, but Lin Yue is a teenager, and she doesn’t care about him.
Liu shopkeeper is half don’t think how bad children’s attitude was greeted with a smile "your grandpa? You must be Lao Sun Lu, right? I know Lao Lu’s rule is not to entangle more. It’s the trouble of little brother Lu to give this drawing to Lao Lu and my address.
Children see Liu shopkeeper handed a few drawings eyelid lifted a little to take it, meaning meaning all have no Liu shopkeeper had expected from the bosom took out a small paper bag.
"Little brother, here is my specially bought scallion cake, which has just come out of the oven and tastes good. Little brother takes it to eat and play." Liu, the shopkeeper, if he is not prepared at all, how can he trade rashly with Yuemen? He had already found out that the children in Lu’s hometown are fond of food, and scallion cake is one of them. Children will not be bought by silver, but it is right to bribe with food.
Sure enough, the child sniffed the fragrance in the paper bag and swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva. You’re welcome to take the scallion cake and look at the shopkeeper and Lin Yue Liu, finally revealing a kind of smile.
"You wait for me to help you give grandpa a message, but grandpa can’t see you, so it’s not that I can take care of it." The child skipped into the house and wrote a letter at this time, just like a child.
Yue4 saw this smile and looked at Liu’s shopkeeper. "Liu’s shopkeeper has long known that children’s weaknesses will bring us here."
The shopkeeper Liu smiled and acquiesced that he would come. Of course, he had to let Lin Yue know what he had done.
"Grandpa, two people just knocked at the door and asked me to show me these drawings." The child has a lot of ghosts and knows to hide the scallion cake before entering the room.
Although the old man Lu is a little surprised that the child is so accommodating and trustworthy, he still took the drawings from the child’s hand, and some of them looked at them carelessly and felt that the house design in the drawings was exquisite. He couldn’t help but look at the drawings carefully and read them again before remembering what he had forgotten.
"Little boy, who gave you the drawings? Are you still there?" Old man Lu is anxious to see the person who drew these drawings now.
"They should be here. They also came to see Grandpa. Grandpa didn’t say anything when he built the house. He must be waiting outside. Does Grandpa want to see them?" The little boy took Liu’s shopkeeper’s things and helped them.
"Of course, I want to see you, a little deep card. Please come in." Old man Lu has always been eccentric and doesn’t give people a face. It’s rare to have a word please, which shows that people pay attention to it.
Lin Yue and the shopkeeper Liu waited outside for a long time to see that the little boy didn’t come out of the yard, and there was no movement. It was hopeless.
"Lin Niang, you’re not too worried. If Lu Lao doesn’t want to take this job, I’ll help you find another craftsman. If Xin ‘an City is not suitable, please ask the owner to leave in several neighboring cities and tell me that I will definitely help Lin Niang get things done."
"That’s the trouble with the shopkeeper liu" Lin Yue didn’t resist the help of the shopkeeper liu, but because of the Jiang period, she remembered the Jiang period in her heart.
"Lin Niang hasn’t moved inside for so long, even Lu Lao doesn’t want to take this job. Why don’t we go home first?" Liu shopkeeper, although he even found out about Lu Lao’s and children’s preferences, can also do these things. Lu Lao decided not to force him to see it for a long time without movement, and it was futile to wait, which was to suggest Lin Yuexian to go back first.
"Well, then," Lin Yue was also holding a try attitude. With Master Chen’s warning, Lu Lao did not allow it, and it was not expected that things were not too disappointed.
Two people are going to go home at this time of the little boy opened the door "grandpa wants to see you come with me" although the little boy has a good attitude towards the shopkeeper and Lin Yue Liu, many of them are still very proud and proud to lead the way to the shopkeeper and Lin Yue Liu.
I heard that Lu Lao wanted to see them, and Lin Yue and the shopkeeper Liu looked at each other with a kind of smile. It seems that nine times out of ten this matter has become a few drawings that moved Lu Lao and made him decide to make a move, otherwise there is no need to see them.
When I see Lu Lao Lin Yue, I think it’s ordinary, but the old man’s hair is already gray, but people are still very energetic. Compared with Master Chen’s superficial arrogance, Lu Lao is very approachable and it’s easy to talk to Lin Yue, just like the neighbor’s grandfather who is kind and not as lonely and difficult to get along with. Lin Yue thinks that it must be wrong.
"My girl is really great. It’s not easy for a layman to draw such drawings. I’ll take the job to build a house and give it to me. Chapter 369, 369
The craftsman’s business has been solved. Zhao Erhu’s materials are ready for construction. There is no hurry on the farm. What matters now is to build the pavement first, and then it will take a lot of effort to decorate it. I don’t know if it can be rolled out before the start of Songshan College.
Master Chen hated Lin Yue in his heart and said hello in the circle early. Otherwise, he told them not to pick up Lin Yue’s work. Otherwise, few people in their line in Xin ‘an City dared to fight with him. Otherwise, he was sure to be excluded and suppressed. Master Chen was proud that the peasant woman had actually invited Lu Lao to move.
Master Chen is quite stuffy in his heart. Even if he has made some achievements now, he is still a junior in front of Lu Lao, who doesn’t even have the weight to speak. If Lu Lao wants to make moves, he can watch nature dare not make any moths.
It has been more than half a month since the pavement was built, and the entrance examination of Songshan College has also begun. The four Dalang brothers are so eager to prepare for the entrance examination today.
Several brothers, Rijiro, are the most confident, and others, including Dalang, are playing drums in their hearts. Although they have been studying very hard these days, Songshan College is the best school in Xin’ an City, and the entrance requirements are high. They don’t know if they can take the exam, especially when they see so many people taking the entrance test, they lose confidence.
Lin Yue got up early in the morning and sent them to the gate of the hospital. "Don’t be nervous. Although I really hope you can get into Songshan Hospital, you can’t force everything. Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Besides, you haven’t taken the exam today and there are still years to go. Relax! “
Yue Lin was a little nervous when he saw Dalang, fearing that they would affect their play instead. He had been doing ideological work for them and was encouraged and cleaned up by Yue Lin, and Dalang returned to a good state.
"Mom, don’t worry, we will do well in the exam."
The results of the entrance examination were out of the list in a few days, and all three of Dalang’s four brothers passed except the youngest Shiro. To say that Dalang’s grades are also very mysterious, he will pass a scratch, but no matter how he finally passed, he can go to Songshan College to study. On the contrary, Saburo’s exam was unexpectedly good and even better than Jiro’s. It is a good reading material.
All three brothers have passed, but he is the only one who can’t. Shiro is particularly depressed when he knows that he is a little younger. Although it is also a success, there are many things that he can’t understand and didn’t pass the exam. It is also expected that Yueyue let Shiro together.
Lin Yue consolingly touched Shiro’s head. "Shiro, you have done your best. How old are you now? Just work hard. They can teach you what they have learned every day when they come back from the hospital."
"Yes, Shiro, you are still young. Now, try hard and wait for another year to pass the exam. We are all waiting for you in the hospital."
When Dalang saw Shiro’s loss, he quickly comforted his younger brother. When Shiro was cleared by Yue and his brothers, his mood was finally better. Many of them began to think about eating again. "Mom, I’m hungry. I’m hungry."
Yue Lin and Dalang are all very talkative after listening to Shiro’s words. What a foodie!