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The palace suddenly sent someone to send a message to Chang Xiang, saying that the emperor was unwell and asked Chang Xiang to stay in the palace for three or five days. When the emperor was better, he would send someone to send her safely back to Xiang Fu and let Chang Xiang worry about everything.

Hearing the last sentence, Chang Xiang’s face changed at that time, changed his robe, and immediately entered the palace without saying anything or ignoring the purpose of resistance.
When Feng Jiang Yi learned about this, his look changed a lot. If it wasn’t for Yi Lee, he would hold him down and be afraid that Feng Jiang Yi would also go to the palace.
"Report is not let princess royal entered the palace? Everything will wait for princess royal to bring news. Besides, the most important thing for the sovereign to do now is to keep fit. Nothing will happen if Huei-fang enters the palace! "
He also knows that nothing can happen to Chang Acacia, but he just can’t stand Feng Lisu eyeing her like this!
I also want to stay in the palace for three or five days and say that I need to worry about everything when I give up my life. Isn’t this a white message to everyone that I can keep my life?
What happened to Bao Chang’s official position?
He wanted him to like women safely, but those philandering men didn’t bother him.
Huahuachang …
I don’t know how many women have defiled me when I think of the numerous women in Feng Lisu’s harem. I often miss clean men, so I don’t like Feng Lisu either mentally or physically!
Although he is an emperor!
Although he’s powerful!
Although he is also good-looking!
Think of this phoenix purple clothes slightly relieved and relieved. At least, I have her wholeheartedly.
On this basis alone, he is better than others.
Fortunately, over the years, he has kept himself as pure as jade and has not brought those women who love him into the palace.
Otherwise, I went to pursue the qualification of lovesickness early.
"Li Yi immediately reported the news of his constant lovesickness!"
In the end, Feng Jiang Yi had such an order, and he could do it at this time. He waited and waited for him to come back often.
Yi Lee finally relieved to hear his final compromise "belongs to the white! It’s the prince who has something to eat. If Huei-fang knows that you haven’t eaten all day, it’s estimated that it won’t give you a good look! "
He even saw clearly the identity of his own sovereign, and he simply couldn’t crush Huei-fang in Xiangfu.
"If you have no appetite, go out!"
Feng Jiang garment lightly commanded a continue to lie there waiting anxiously.
Chang Xiang hurried into the palace, and the guards at the palace gate did not stop him from entering the palace.
When Chang Xiang went outside Weiyang Palace, he also saw the foreign minister princess and Feng Mo Rao in Weiyang Palace. In addition, there were a large group of old ministers who saw Chang Xiang as if they saw a savior.
I often let people know after greeting them, but I soon got the news that the emperor didn’t see anyone!
Princess royal sighed when he saw Chang Xiang lightly. "No one can see the emperor, not even his empresses can get into this Weiyang Palace!"
Nature also refused to see her this elder sister.
Feng Mo Rao also glanced at Chang Xiang before. "Since Chang Xiang came to Chang Xiang’s father, this matter was handed over to Chang Xiang. When Wang waited here for a long time, he went out of the palace first. Elder sister, do you want to go to my house? I haven’t seen my eldest sister for a long time! "
Princess royal said, "Let’s go to your place. Since the emperor refuses to see the palace master, come back to Xiangfu another day or go back. If you are afraid that the emperor will not see you, why don’t you go back and wait for news that the emperor summoned Huei-fang? Everyone knows that things will be fine!"
But princess royal is also a n experienced person. Can you not be clear about Feng Li Su’s intentions?
So many people who want to see others are rejected outside Weiyang Palace, and it is enough to say everything only by going in for love.
Because of this, Chang Xiangcai came in a hurry. I didn’t expect the emperor to see anyone. I often miss him.
And he can’t get in at this time
You can also go to Weiyang Palace.
Looking at the group of ministers kneeling outside Weiyang Palace, Chang Xiang came to the front of them and knelt down.
Princess royal saw this light sigh and turned away from Feng Mo Rao, and immediately chased him there.
"Elder sister, wait for me. Elder sister, let’s go out of the palace!"
It’s already night arrival.
Weiyang Palace is as bright as daytime lanterns and candles all the time, and there are several night beads embedded in the wall, which set each other off brilliantly, and let Chang Xiangsi, a knowledgeable person, see what luxury is again.
I often miss Feng Lisu. This man took a nap for half an hour at noon, then took her up to eat melon and fruit snacks, and took her around Weiyang Palace. Finally, when I was tired, I let people take the chessboard and plan to teach her chess in person.
Chang Acacia is too lazy to play chess. Li Su seems to feel that her interest is not here, so people have taken two long swords and spent the whole afternoon teaching Chang Acacia swordsmanship. However, Chang Acacia has no objection to this, but she is here to pass the time.
Practice until the sunset. They bathed in phoenix, Li Su, and had clean clothes prepared for her to change. Then they had dinner together and often missed each other. They also lived in peace.
But it seems that I can’t go back to Xiangfu today. I don’t know if Fengjiangyi is okay there.
After all, the man is still occupying her room, but the thought that Mei Er will wait on Chang Xiang in the next few days and that she is in the palace has informed Chang Xiangyun that she is usually smart enough to leave her alone.
At this time, it is pineapple cake who often leans lazily on the beauty couch and listens to the melodious tune to play the piano
He is good at melody, and he enjoys playing the music slowly and smoothly.
Feng Li Su smiled and looked at the lazy posture leaning against the beauty couch in front of him. He often missed this day. It seems that because of her company, his life is no longer endless but colorful.
He can be angry and laugh at will, and it is from the heart rather than from the past. He wants to keep his face moist and make people think that he is a benevolent gentleman.
Feng Lisu knows that he is falling step by step, especially after today, but he also regrets that this woman is going to be settled!