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This is … particularly ambiguous!

Treasure and pure heart breath dance fist yi tooth toward him.
Guess what the two men can say, but they can’t hear Leng Xiao’s words with their ears upright, and they hear Fang Weijiu calmly sigh, "Oh, I knew it. No matter what happens, I can’t hide it from you."
What can’t you hide from Lengxiao?
She frowned and looked at Fang Weijiu.
Fang Weijiu chuckled at her and shouted at the cold owl. "Yes, I did. By the way, I gave you a big gift. Don’t you like it?"
What is it?
What did he do?
Heart thumped thumped ringing treasure and pure intensely staring at him.
Section 57
When I took back my mobile phone from him, I accidentally touched his fingertips and felt a little cold. She asked, "What did you two say?"
"How can a man tell a woman a sensitive topic?" Fang Weijiu said hang Jiro when the end and sipped his lips and chuckled "what’s the matter? Afraid to go home and the chief will pick you up? Well, I admit it … He mainly asked me how deep I am with you. I said I should do everything … "
Looking at him, Baoqi can laugh. "Who is poor with you?"
"Joke, in fact, you can go home and ask him that you are the two, right? I am your little three son … "The new new smile Fang Weijiu looked at her eyes three points deep and seven points difficult.
"Chick to have any plans? Do you want to accompany Jiuye to the musical? "
"Come on, I’m a pregnant woman. What musical do I listen to? Besides, those elegant things don’t suit me! " Looking squarely at the elegantly dressed man, Bao Qi lowered his eyelids and looked up again, seemingly inadvertently asking, "Do you know that Fang Weijiu Wu Tongtong is dead?"
Fang Weijiu raised his eyebrows without an unexpected expression, but he was quite funny and asked her, "Hey, you don’t think I should be responsible for her, do you? Or … Carved on her tombstone-the tomb of Wu Tongtong, Fang Weijiu’s beloved wife? Pull it? "
"Men are fickle!" Think of WuTongTong dead treasure and pure in the mind still have some hair "is also a woman with you? There is nothing special about the sheets? "
"ha! Chicks have been with nine women, that’s a lot. If every woman is in charge once, what’s the point? If his mother dies, it’s not enough to build a Fang cemetery for them! "
Fang Weijiu laughed and laughed a few times, then stopped suddenly and looked at her with a positive color. "If it were you … I would consider sacrificing one."
"Bah, here we go again. There’s no shape, is there?"
Fang Wei-jiu glanced at her lazily and sighed, squinting and laughing. Then she got up and put her shoulder and smiled like a cat trying to cheat.
"Let’s go and see you off, Master Niu!"
"Thanks, Master Jiu!" Bao Qi chuckled and moved his hand naively.
After staring at her for a few seconds, Fang Weijiu grabbed her and strode outside.
"Fang Weijiu!" Bao Qi’s intuition shook his shoulders, his hands were full of possession, and his ideology was constantly intertwined with overwhelming mudslides. At that time, his brain was a little chaotic.
Fang Weijiu seems to understand and withdraw his hand. "What’s awkward?"
"You don’t uncomfortable? What is it like to cuddle? "
"Ninth Master is used to it, but every time he brings a woman out, he cries and cries, let me hug one person. You don’t cherish this blessing!" Fang Wei-jiu hummed softly.
"Yes, yes, yes … Nine Ye’s right. My daughter is not blessed." She smiled and shook her head and kept a distance of three feet from him. Bao Qi was steadfast in her heart.
Fang Weijiu went out of the restaurant gate to get the car.
Before people approached, they saw a beautiful woman with long legs sitting on the front cover of his newly purchased semi-convertible white Maibakh car, with a classic model of the beautiful woman and a high fork. Her legs were white and tender, which was very eye-catching.
At the sight of him, the beauty Cheng opened her eyes wide, and her eyes were delicate and touching. "Nine ye … is it really you? You are back … I just saw it in a trance and I still can’t believe it. "
Fang Wei nine leng leng beckoned long-legged beauty hurriedly from his hood "who are you? Do I know you? "
This has made a lot of noise!
She can guess from Fang Wei’s nine dazed eyes that he has specified that he doesn’t recognize other girls, but knee guess can also imagine that this long-legged beauty must be Fang Wei’s nine harems.
Sure enough, the long-legged beauty looked at him straight. It seemed that he didn’t know him. There was some incredible enchanting body, and Tingting approached step by step. The tone was a little urgent.
"Nine ye … you don’t know me? How can you not even know me? "
"Cough!" One wrong step only nine corners swept a treasure and pure "nine ye should I know you? ….. Flash! Get out of here or you’ll be rude! "
"I … I … I’m Mai. You can’t not remember me? !” Long-legged beauty with eyeliner eyes are more like two bells. When her eyes are wet, she will burst into tears. "Nine lords that night …"
Touched the nose treasure and pure feel embarrassed to listen to people’s affairs here, crustily skin of head made a bifurcation and pointed to the side road "well, my home is not far from here. I’ll walk and go home myself. Master Jiu has something to do. You’re busy seeing you later."
Fang Weijiu, frowning, was a little unhappy. "I’ll send you!" He stopped exchanging pleasantries with the long-legged beauty, hit the door, helped her start the car and ran away.
"Nine ye you this kind is really despondent ….."
"alas! Whose teenager is not romantic? ! But I really don’t know her. "
Looking at the beautiful woman with long legs and long hair through the rearview mirror, Bao Qi still froze and stood on the spot as if she had not recovered from the possibility that Fang Weijiu didn’t know her.
Shook his head, Bao Qi was funny, sighed and some nai.
How many fickle men are like her second uncle, but not many.
But how likely is it to come back when you don’t even know your own woman? -Probably there are few such men in Kyoto except Fang Weijiu.
Fang Weijiu turned to look into her eyes. "Is the girl jealous?"
Baoqi shrugged. "Hey, you think too much. I despise it!"
Fang Wei-jiu gave a casual smile.
After the car passed a block, he suddenly leaned in again and smiled low. "If I had known you earlier, these women would not have entered the eyes of Master Jiu."
"… you just blow it!" Baoqi stared at him.
A few minutes after Baoqi gave directions, the car stopped outside her bird’s nest and pulled the door. She waved her thanks and said goodbye.
Putting out his head, Fang Weijiu shook the bird’s nest mouth with interest and smiled. "You two love the nest quite well!"
"That is! See you later? "
"Go and see you again soon."
"Nothing, don’t happen again!" Lift the lift lip treasure and pure heart.
"Life is full of coincidences." Fang Weijiu waved at her and teased and said, "Baby, don’t give Jiuye a goodbye_kiss?"
"Are you looking for a cigarette?" Bao Qi shook his fist and turned with a smile.
As soon as the line of sight was lifted, it hit the sharp eyes of Lengxiao.
I don’t know when he will come out, but I don’t know when he will come out. Just like a wall, I saw her talking to Fang Weijiu at the door, and nothing changed.