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"one thing is that this is not your business!"

As for his feelings for Love Micro, it’s all his private affairs, and no one is qualified to intervene, even if that person grew up with him.
Not even one. He doesn’t want others to spy on him!
A green eye that feels Kuran Kaname’s sudden majestic anger but is unmoved has these unshakable firmness and decisiveness.
On the one hand, he always unconsciously followed the eyes of adults who love micro-pivot, which made him clear.
I saw Lord Shu’s slight love for love; But on the other hand, he found that Lord Shu was gentler to the black Lord Youji than he had known him before.
My Lord has been here for a long time. He knows what Lord Yoji has done. Only then will he know what this kind of business is.
Offending Lord Shu’s dignity will make Lord Shu angry, but if he goes this way, he is afraid that Lord Shu will kill Lord You Ji and hurt Love Wei. This is him.
Never accept things.
"If Master Shu doesn’t love you, please don’t go near Love Micro again!"
As soon as a word was finished, Kuran Kaname exuded a thick murder, which made one feel substantial pain.
I left a cold sweat dripping down my cheeks and finally fell straight to the ground. I felt that my body was like being placed on it.
In the Millennium Ice Cave, there is a rigid method to move. I know that Lord Shu really wants to kill him because he said, "Please don’t go near love."
Micro! "
I don’t know, since Lord Shu is so angry at such a small sentence, then why are you so hesitant?
Don’t adults know that this hesitation is the least favorite of Love Micro?
"Master Shu, please recognize your heart and don’t regret it at the end!"
Kuran Kaname smell speech without trace stiff a recognize your heart? Kuran Kaname thought of those fears in his heart, and these fears were inevitable.
It makes his feelings about love more complicated, but these fears will not let others know that this is the pride of his pure blood king.
Kuran Kaname smiled at himself. Before he met Lian Wei, he never knew that he was a coward and would be afraid of such cowardice.
Mood will also be afraid to step out because of these inexplicable fears. Even if Yuji lost his memory, he didn’t have a trace.
I’m afraid that I’m not even worried, because he’s sure that Yuji will come back to him, but he’s in love with himself.
However, he was left with uncertainty and deep fear, which made him a little timid and stagnant.
And Yuji Yuji is her sister, her fiancee, and she has been guarding people and has been coming to him.
He has a girl in his heart, and she can sacrifice others herself, even if it is one. She grew up with him and dedicated herself.
Loyal people, but there is another love affair in this world, which he did not expect. At first, it was because she showed
Strong strength made him alert, so he would always pay attention to her, but gradually he actually began to get used to watching her.
In order to look at her indifferent eyes, I am used to looking at her disguised emotions, getting used to looking at her lazy expression, getting used to her occasionally showing the truth, and finally
I’m used to watching her all the time, and when I find out, this habit has gone deep into the bone marrow and integrated into the blood, and I can’t stop it!
He was upset when he found that the meaning of loving Wei was no longer a need to guard against the strong, but had become his own habit.
I should love Yogi, but why do I often ignore Yogi for such a person who has only known him for a short time?
Hou suddenly found himself in a state of love again, thinking of her as unpredictable as night, and thinking of her inertia and indifference.
Smile and think of her in a low voice. I want to see her all the time. This desire is so strong that it scares me.
However, Lian Wei is extremely indifferent to herself and everyone in the night can get along well, but she is really indifferent to them.
Laughing, but facing your own truth, will always disappear at the first time. As time goes by, this indifference has not gradually disappeared.
On the contrary, the loss is getting thicker and thicker, so cold to the bone and indifferent to make yourself hesitate, so cold and so light, as if you had never been out
Now the sight in her eyes makes him finally choose to stagnate.
But did Kuran Kaname frown and regret it? Will there be regrets in the end as a saying goes? He hesitated, he was not sure that he would give it to himself.
Bring the final regret? So can you accept this regret? Kuran Kaname found himself even more confused.
A don’t seem to care about Kuran Kaname said nothing to continue to ask.