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"What are you thinking?"

"No, I’m just a little worried … will it embarrass you then?" I said what I wanted to say.
He turned and glanced at my face a little unhappy. "What a shame!"
"Okay, forget I said anything." I flattened my mouth and turned my head out of the window.
He held my hand and turned it into ten fingers to stick to the right path. "Remember that you are my Zou Chen woman, and my face will be lost if you lose it."
I turned my eyes and glanced at him. This man is really serious, but listening to his words, my heart is still very uncontrollable.
The master lives in the hospital, which is very close to Heng Yuan. Zou Chen drove the car directly to the’ Abalone Princess’ restaurant and ordered a lot of dishes. When he was sent back to the hospital, he just woke up and his face was a little better. When he saw Zou Chen packing so many dishes, he scolded him. Zou Chen said that this was a package for everyone, not just for him to beat the master. He was not talking about him.
After lunch with the master in the hospital, he slammed people and said that when the ward came, a few people were not circulating in it.
Zou Chen saw that he was in good spirits, but he didn’t have anything else to say for a while. He was also going to take me away. When I got up, I specially called a grandfather and told him that I would stew bone soup for him one day.
Master didn’t look me in the eye. I snorted.
Zou Chen saw that he was so cold to me and pulled me out of the ward, saying, why do I have to please him and make myself unhappy?
I think the master is a little nicer to me than before, and he snorted. If I don’t please the master and don’t let him accept me earlier, when will he and I wait to get the license?
Chapter three hundred and fifty The sniper’s shot is not afraid if it weren’t for the rocket.
I think the master is a little nicer to me than before, and he snorted. If I don’t please the master and don’t let him accept me earlier, when will I wait with him to get the certificate?
This man doesn’t understand my heart at all.
So I glanced at him and ignored him.
Zou Chen, who came out of the hospital, asked me if I wanted to go anywhere. Anyway, his schedule was cancelled today. He was going to take me to the suburbs if the master had an accident.
Thinking about so many things in his company, he didn’t go on a business trip and put so many things to accompany me … Suddenly he felt a little unreasonable.
"I gave you a cold face two days ago, are you also very uncomfortable?" I looked at him with a little guilt. "I’m sorry, I misunderstood you." If I had known that Liu Zhengnan was not injured by him, I suddenly found myself as if I didn’t believe him enough, so I felt a little uncomfortable.
"Of course it’s hard. My heart still hurts." He gave me a sad look.
I laughed. "I’ll rub it for you later."
Took my hand and kissed the back of my hand. "You must rub it when you say it." His rubbing word said that it was not meaningful and gave me a warm+ambiguous look.
I glanced at him with a little spring in my eyebrows and asked him seriously, "Why don’t we go to a hot spring?" Recently, he is also very tired. Taking a hot spring can relieve fatigue and relax.
"Yeah, that’s a good idea." He laughed at thieves and thieves.
I stared at him naively. "Can you be virtuous?"
He gave me a virtuous smile and then said something that made me spray blood. "I’m not a monk."
I gave him a cross look and turned to look out of the window. It’s a rare sunny day today, blue and blue, and there is not a cloud.
Recently, things have been bothering me one after another, regardless of it. It’s good to go out and relax.
"Then where are we going?" I asked him later.
"Let’s … go to Ziyu Mountain Villa."
"Is it far?"
"Fortunately, the car took more than an hour."
"Isn’t Yutang Mountain so far away from the villa area? What’s there over there? Can’t Jiuhua Zhuangshan go there?" I don’t want his car to be so far away that it’s tiring enough.
"That’s boring" Zou Chen is a little disgusted.
"I have to send soup to grandpa tomorrow. If it’s too far away, I’m afraid I won’t come and we didn’t bring anything."
Zou Chen gave me a sideways glance. "If you want to play, don’t think so much about what’s not rich in the villa."
He’s right.
I pouted and tapped on the door. "All right."
He turned his eyes and smiled at me.
"But what about Tiantang?" I watched him puzzled.
"You call Lin Sao to help you come back early tomorrow and send it over."
"But … I want to cook it myself."
Zou Chennai glanced at me. "Isn’t it the same for you to cook for him another day?" He squinted with a little resentment and muttered, "Why are you so ungrateful to me for everyone?"
I patted him with a charming smile. "Do you want to break your leg, too?"
Section 236
He glared at me at the corner of his mouth, but with a smile, he turned to seriously drive.
I won’t make trouble with him either. I took out my mobile phone from my bag and called Sister Lin to ask her to help me cook some bone soup early.
Then I called Liu Zhengnan to ask him if he was better. He said that he would be discharged in the next day. I thought Zou Chen would talk early. Maybe the apartment was really bad, so I told him not to hurry to get out of the hospital. I will do it when I arrive.
Liu Zhengna was a little confused but didn’t ask much.
I feel a little heavy when I hang up.
When Zou Chen saw that I hung up, he turned his head and looked at me. "What are you thinking?"
I gave a long sigh. "Who did you say was the one who stirred up Han Yu? What the hell does that man want? The mind’s eye is so poisonous. "I feel terrible at the thought of having such a person behind Zou Chen’s back. My heart is hard to settle down and I have no mood."
"Why are you dreaming again? Don’t think about anything from now on." He took my hand and comforted me. "Besides, I’m not fine now. No matter who is behind her, no one can do anything to me."
"I’m afraid someone will stab you in the back." I murmured again.
A man laughed and said, "The sniper’s shot is not afraid, but for the rocket."