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However, Gao Shunyao has been unable to stop. In the face of guarding against death, he can’t count on the breakthrough ability of Da Qian Yuan Ji. He must do something at this time.

He took the ball and rushed directly to the opponent’s backcourt. Anyway, he would definitely not win by sticking to it, so he might as well bump into luck.
When he started to attack, the new wave of players in Kitakyushu suddenly contracted their defense line at this time, and soon a player based on defense did a good job in this respect. Just when Gao Shunyao started with the ball, several players were already approaching him.
From his left, the full-back was put behind his back by Gao Shunyao’s arm. He leaned on his own body and was parallel to Gao Shunyao’s horse. It was a shovel that broke from the side.
His tackle didn’t pose a big threat. Gao Shunyao didn’t touch the ball for him. He just kept striding forward and let him tackle the ball in vain and fell behind Gao Shunyao. But when he fell, he suddenly grabbed a handful of Gao Shunyao sleeves. Even if his legs were not good, he wanted to slow down Gao Shunyao’s pace manually by himself.
His pulling made Gao Shunyao’s footsteps pause a little. Whether his balance or his dribbling was not damaged was less than a second later, Gao Shunyao’s speed soared again. Even if he tried to stop Gao Shunyao physically, he could not stop him for a second. Gao Shunyao was too strong to stop him.
But even so, in less than a second, the new wave of defenders are also close together.
Gao Shunyao’s right-back came over at this time. He carefully adjusted his pace and wanted to make a joint block with his teammates in the penalty area. But Gao Shunyao also saw through his idea at this time. His horse just protected the ball to the right and carried it on his shoulders.
At this time, his right-back is carefully calculating the distance with Gao Shunyao and preparing to encircle his teammates. He didn’t expect Gao Shunyao to take the initiative to pursue hitting people with the ball. At this time, the striker can continue to seek cooperation, but who would have thought that Gao Shunyao should take the initiative to seek physical confrontation?
The strength of Gao Shunyao’s huge body is amazing after the impact. Even those who are prepared can’t stand it. Is it this high-speed movement? He was knocked to the ground without the ability to fight, and rolled directly along the impact force of Gao Shunyao before stopping.
At this time, Gao Shunyao has jumped from his body and continued to impact forward.
After the full-back failed to block the pace, the central defender’s plan to form a defense net with his teammates also failed! The failure of this plan also completely interrupted the connection of the defense line.
Gao Shunyao has already taken the ball to the middle after taking a step. Obviously, it is the most important thing for an effective breakthrough to rush to the middle, and when he runs horizontally, the opponent’s lower back is coming from behind him.
He hugged Gao Shunyao’s right arm directly behind Gao Shunyao, trying to stop Gao Shunyao’s progress by this movement, but Gao Shunyao’s speed did not weaken. When he was caught by his arm, his force shook and he broke free from this defense.
For him, it’s really not an obstacle to defend from behind. If the opposing defender can’t get stuck in the main position, then their defense is a joke.
The waist behind him can’t hold Gao Shunyao, and at this time, he actually has a shovel behind Gao Shunyao!
It was a very dangerous foul, but he couldn’t care less for a while.
His tackle came from behind, and finally he was no longer as threatening as the two men in front.
Although Gao Shunyao is very strong, he is not an invulnerable iron man after all. He broke his foot and just touched the heel of Gao Shunyao’s right foot, which made the horse move forward with the ball. When he controlled the football, he rolled out directly, more than one meter away from him!
This dangerous action has also been exchanged for a crazy roar in the stands and a shovel behind people. In this football game, the ban will even appear in the stadium. The victory has been desperate and it will be a accusation!
It is very likely that people will be disabled if they move like this. This is forbidden by the football match order. This is not a football match, but a malicious injury!
However, on the court, Gao Shunyao didn’t care so much at this time. His foot pain made him soft and almost fell down. After controlling his balance, what his horse wanted to do was to get the ball back.
It’s not easy to get the ball back. When he made a mistake, the last central defender on the other side had already rushed over. He rushed to the football at a high speed, and if he touched the football, he could completely destroy the attack with one foot.
Facing the present, defender Gao Shunyao seems to be out of his depth. His pace is too slow to control the ball, but at this time, Gao Shunyao still made a best judgment. He suddenly stepped forward with his right foot and chased the front football, just before the arrival of the other side, he suddenly picked the mat on the ball.
The football, which was almost out of control, was forcibly picked up by Gao Shunyao by his explosive power and fell to the other side. When he flew in the sky by the football in less than a second, Gao Shunyao also took back his legs and readjusted and balanced the other side’s entire defense line. Now the situation in the penalty area is also one-on-one by picking the ball. Later, he turned the situation into one-on-one again-and he was absolutely afraid of one-on-one
He and the defender rushed to the football landing point. After running, he had already thrown off his opponent by explosive force, and at the same time he had leisure to adjust his pace. He didn’t give the defender a chance to meet the middle-dropped football. He directly raised his right leg and shot the ball out!
He was full of strength because the whole person was thrown to the middle and lower ball by himself. He kicked the football out directly and flew it out directly to the right corner of the goal. The speed of the ball was so fast that the goalkeeper didn’t respond and saw the football rush into the goal!
The ball is scored!
This goal changed the score to 1, which made Circulation Economics University win this game!
Around the stadium, there were crashing cheers and clapping. The whole boring game made the fans accumulate too much emotions. Gao Shunyao’s tank impact even brought four people to charge, which made the fans completely release their feelings.
This goal is really beautiful!
The 60th section a ball.
"Long live the goal!"
"Long live the flow!"
"Goal the enemy!"
The deafening sound sounded around the stadium with Gao Shunyao’s goal. When Gao Shunyao scored this goal, the stadium thief couldn’t calm down. The fans sent out a terrible shout, and the Taigu flag danced at this moment. A wonderful goal was scored by four people. This goal was enough to mobilize the hormones of the audience, let them do their best to vent their excitement and relax their emotions.
"Four people! He passed four people in a row!"
"The other party can’t even stop him from shoveling people behind him!"
"How can he kick like this? It’s so handsome!"
The fans on the sidelines were noisy. No one expected that this game would have such a result. The big fans all asked themselves that they were very familiar with Gao Shunyao. They knew better than others what kind of player Gao Shunyao was just half a year ago, and now he can make such a crazy raid on the court, which is beyond people’s expectation.
This is not an ordinary goal. This is a goal scored by one person attacking a defensive line and one person breaking the blockade of four people!
Of course, strictly speaking, it’s not that one person has passed four, but who cares about fans? They have seen Gao Shunyao at the beginning of the season at a loss. They have seen Gao Shunyao being in a hurry because of lack of skills. The more they reminisce about those, the more they look at the current level of Gao Shunyao. They can’t help but be proud that he has grown from an amateur player to a huge killer in JFL League in less than a year. The progress of Gao Shunyao is so remarkable. How can people not be surprised when they see his growth?
After seeing this goal, the big fans who passed by couldn’t help screaming. They were excited, shouting, hugging and doing their best. Gao Shunyao cheered. They didn’t expect their players to have such a goal. This goal was enough for them to remember for a whole year.
Kitakyushu fans are dumbfounded at this time. Who could have imagined that there would be such a goal in the face of a team like Kitakyushu? Actually, there was a big player who took the football from midfield to the restricted area. One person passed four people in a row and finished a shot?
This is incredible. This is incredible! Even after four people’s impact, it needs to be better than the opponent by a grade to be able to flow through this league. There are such players!
Don’t say it’s them, it’s the same for the players. Just as the football rolled into the goal, the emotions of the players on both sides broke out together. This violent dash is almost the most fierce push they have ever seen in playing football!
Going crazy all the way, I can’t pull it, I can’t hit it, I can’t turn it over, I can’t stop it, and I can’t break through like a tank with my strength. It’s simply subverted. I have always regarded technology as a football player, and I have always recognized the idea of technology control in Gao Shunyao’s goal.
This crazy breakthrough is exciting and inexplicable!