15 Jul, 2024

This mountain is an excellent ambush site that Surdak found. Although the mountain is steep and abnormal, there are two feet that can firmly trample on the rock bumps. He can turn around and fight with mantis.

For paladins with shields, the assassin-like Warcraft of Hell Mantis needs to know them well, and their bones and sickles can break through that shield with sacred breath. Surdak looked at the body of mantis in hell in a deep stream with some regret. There are still a lot of precious materials in this third-class […]

11 mins read

However, there is a biggest dilemma in expanding overseas, that is, the more they spread their forces overseas, the more they can get rid of the threat of Germany to France.

Therefore, even if it is expanding, it is difficult to expand with peace of mind. They need the support of other big countries more than they need. There is no doubt that there is no country in Europe that can compare with Russia in terms of population, and only 90 million people will reach 150 […]

20 mins read

I can’t blame Nan Rong for illusion. He is in the west square of the city, fighting with more than a thousand Prometheans and a red-haired woman who just hugged him and stabbed him with a black thorn …

Let’s talk about Nanrong Magic first. .. cn mobile phone. ㄧ k.cn support literature support 1ㄧ k! … Facing the siege of more than 1000 Prometheans, Nan Ronghuan had to stretch out the knife bone, and for a long time before that, he tried his best to dodge and dodge the wave after wave of […]

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Brother er Niu?

He wants to laugh … That his imaginary rival in love is neither Xiao Linchu nor Xiao Jinyu, but he is an unknown brother? Xiao Liancheng smiled and drooped his head. His hand held her hand tightly. Her hand trembled in his hand, wet with bright red blood. His slender palm was wet with deep […]

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Sun Zhiping was in a trance for a while before he saw Zhuo Qiang, a foreign beauty. When he saw Zhuo Qiang, a beautiful woman who seemed to be very close, he felt as if he had eaten a fly.

Isn’t this Zhuo Qiang who once had a problem with himself? He has heard a little about Zhuo Qiang’s recent events and knows that his family seems to have made a small fortune a few months ago and even the company has risen. But even so, Sun Zhiping is still far from being able to […]

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