15 Jul, 2024

Here, the five colors of green, red, yellow, white and black are just in line with the number of five elements.

Looking around the four fields and the right eye, the detection wave automatically runs everywhere, and the detection analysis is given, which surprises Lu Li greatly. It turns out that all the flowers and trees here have become fine and have magical mobility. When Lu Li first entered Zizhulin and found the first refiner material, […]

6 mins read

The plan was to let Dai Ruoxi and Heng Yu guard Kyushu Island, but Dai Ruoxi did refuse to go with Xie Cunguan, who failed to get over it. She finally had to make adjustments to let Ma Paoer and Heng Yu guard Kyushu Island.

Now, although they haven’t broken the deadlock, they have different feelings in each other’s hearts, especially Xie Cunguan, who feels more and more difficult to refuse the request of Xi Xi, and I don’t know if I have noticed anything before, but now he is sticking to his own ideas more and more. The Yamaguchi […]

11 mins read

"Are you going to continue to be loyal to the seventh instructor Zun Wang after doing this to you?" Ghosts looked at Lengqin deeply.

"What do you mean?" Lengqin raises his eyebrows and stares at ghosts. Ghosts came over and whispered, "wouldn’t it be better to take this opportunity to take the lead and call ourselves king?" "Oh, big instructor, I’m not that stupid. There’s a king in the dark night. Even if you win, it’s you, not me. […]

9 mins read

What used to be a small conflict is getting worse and worse, and even if there is some bitterness, the brain will judge the rebellion and the blood will be lost. Because the first time it was ordered, it was a bit too much. At most, it was just a slap in the face, but this time it actually killed and set fire.

Zhao-yang Tan is a little strange now, because he is responsible for different things. This blood should not be so weak. He thinks about it until he receives this letter from ying chen. Ying chen’s letter is concise. Goodbye. Everything came to light in an instant. It was not that they went to find the […]

11 mins read