15 Jul, 2024

"I can sit here today because I have a certain understanding of gene Gu Wu. I am very interested in learning or deeply understanding the gene Gu Wu fellow.

I won’t talk about all the things that are known to the public. Today I’m going to talk about a problem that is still being debated by all walks of life. The real difference between the extreme school of gene evolution and the school of gene Gu Wu. " The old man speaks slowly and […]

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The top of the door didn’t expect Hu Yanle to lie on the bottom of the bed as soon as he woke up. His plan was to send someone to inform the duke of Zhou to go to the wing. The three little wakes must be placed in the light curtain. They won’t walk around here at will. When Lord Zhou leads his troops to the wing, he will pull out the box from under the bed. The evidence is conclusive. Three small people will resist the door, and the secret people will rescue these three people and lead them out of the city, and then stall them outside the city.

Zhou Shi loved this woman very much. When she heard the news that the three prostitutes were held back, she would definitely send troops to catch them, while the Taoist would put it off for a while and try to control the rhythm so that Zhou Shi could send all the military departments in the […]

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I left Xiaosi standing there for a long time, only to come here in vain. I can’t even think about things before, and now I am in front of my eyes. There are also these magic pills. With these magic pills, my strength will definitely improve rapidly.

Great! Organized people are just different! ! But Wen Tao’s last words were a wake-up call. What he just did had to be hidden deeper. …… Wentao didn’t take a taxi this time, because it was late and the subway was closed. Wentao strolled back, and it was far from the clinic, but Wentao wasn’t […]

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However, with the death of Mundus Sect, the guardian clan was driven out of the breeding ground for generations and gradually lost its own culture, forming a wild race struggling in a difficult environment, and the harsh environment also made the population of this race very small. Unless a contemporary wisdom is extremely high, it seems that there are some special opportunities for the saint to unite the whole scattered guardian tribes into a whole, it is hard to say that the guardian clan will gradually sink and eventually disappear into history

Fortunately, after years of development, the population of the Guardian clan has reached 300,000, and all of them have spiritual roots. It is not because of the environment and resources that the Guardian clan has not become very powerful. But even so, the guardian clan can also cause absolute lethality to Zhaozhou. Now that Mundus […]

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Master Chen came to hear the shopkeeper Liu’s retention and hesitated to stop thinking about whether to give the shopkeeper Liu another face. When he heard Lin Yue’s words, he turned completely black and left without looking back.

"I said Lin Niang, this is a must for you. Master Chen’s business is really good, and some pride is normal. Just don’t share his common sense with him. Now Master Chen is so angry and gone. Where can I go to ask a craftsman for you?" Liu shopkeeper was also very busy at this […]

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At this time, two milu deer and three small milu deer appeared in the public eye. The hound had experience and didn’t bark, which would scare away the prey. This is also the result of training.

And Zhang Tao and others are very excited. Elk is not an ordinary hare, but it is a big piece of food, enough for several families to eat. At this time, Zhang Wanli, Lin Hua, and Li Dongcheng are like three people in the center of everyone directing the hunters to carefully find their own […]

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